W3 [ˈstreŋθən, ˈstrenθən] v
2¦(team/army etc)¦
3¦(financial situation)¦
to become stronger or make something stronger
≠ ↑weaken
Our friendship has steadily strengthened over the years.
Steve's opposition only strengthened her resolve to go ahead.
strengthen sth's ties/bonds/links etc
The university hopes to strengthen its ties with the local community.
The company plans to strengthen its hand (=make itself more powerful) in Europe by opening an office in Spain.
2.) ¦(TEAM/ARMY ETC)¦ [T]
to make an organization, army etc more powerful, especially by increasing the number or quality of the people in it
≠ ↑weaken
The team has been strengthened by the arrival of two new players.
if the financial situation of a country or company strengthens or is strengthened, it improves or is made to improve
≠ ↑weaken
measures to strengthen the economy
4.) ¦(MONEY)¦ [I and T]
to increase in value, or to increase the value of money
≠ ↑weaken
The pound has strengthened against other currencies.
to make something such as your body or a building stronger
≠ ↑weaken
Metal supports were added to strengthen the outer walls.
6.) ¦(PROOF/REASON)¦ [T]
to help prove something
Fresh evidence has greatly strengthened the case against him.
7.) ¦(WIND/CURRENT)¦ [I]
to increase in force
The wind had strengthened during the night.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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